March’s sales market has been very active. Geoff joins us this morning and in his 45 years’ experience, he thinks it’s the best market he’s been in. The market is strong, with excellent buyer activity and sellers achieving great prices. There is huge demand and reasonable supply, with low interest rates getting the buyers out there to buy as soon as they can. The demand is off the charts, with some of our opens seeing 30, even 40 groups through. We conducted over 2100 buyer inspections for the month of March, achieving 86 home sales. We’ve never seen anything like it and it has been this way since the start of the year. In the week ending on 3rd of February, we saw 695 buyer inspections – up from an average of around 300 per week! The Methven group has a big announcement to make. Rosier is a real estate agency that has been established at 2-4 Croydon Road for 40 years, a well-respected family business specialising in the rental market. We are very pleased to announce that we are amalgamating the office, giving us a great foothold in Croydon. Miles Howell and Brent Earney will be heading down there to look after things. With the new office joining the group, we are looking for new salespeople to join our team, whether at Croydon or at our other offices.


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