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Monthly Market report presented by Greg Earney. With 647 enquiries, 63 sales and over 1000 property inspections sales are heating up in WINTER!!

If you’re like most people, you probably think that winter is not a good time to be selling real estate. It’s cold, it’s wet and everything seems dark and drab. But this doesn’t seem to bother buyers. The evidence shows that during the colder months buyers often become very committed to finding a property. At Methven Professionals we monitor all incoming enquiries from every source and year after year, contrary to popular opinion, the figures prove that the winter months are an excellent time for selling.  When the weather gets cold, sales heat up!  Our records clearly show that buyers have less properties to choose from in winter because many home owners hold off selling until the warmer months. So, if you choose to sell in winter you are selling into a market where there will be good demand for your property.

With an increase in demand, selling prices are often pushed well above owners’ expectations. Statistics show some of the best sale prices are achieved during the winter months. There’s more good news too. Currently finance for buyers is still easy to obtain and interest rates are at near record lows. The quality of buyer enquiry is still excellent with 647 buyer enquiries across our four office network during June. This means we have buyers waiting to inspect properties now.

This all adds up to great news and a great result if you’re thinking about selling.