In what could be an interesting time ahead for property sellers, internet portal site are making waves in the online property market. Backed by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), is focused on providing a portal to agents and their clients to display properties online without charging the massive fees that other sites are charging. It seems now there is an ever growing swell in the community and from agents that these massive price increases won’t be tolerated.  Methven Professionals for some time now have been using both major portal sites, however there does seem to be some changes on the horizon and we are encouraging property owners and buyers to make their portal of choice when searching for property. Recently Methven Professionals approved the development of our very own property App. This is in development at the moment and is expected to be released soon and will be perfect for any buyer or prospective tenants who want to be kept informed of what properties are available for sale or rent.  In the meantime keep an eye out on our weekly new listing email and we will update you on changes as they occur.


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